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As a Small Business owner, you want to develop a profitable, loyal customer base. However, if you’re like most small business owners you probably pay little attention to a critical success factor: Marketing. You know marketing is important to achieving your full potential, but you may not have the skills, expertise or time to do an effective job marketing your products or services on your own.

Hiring a marketing firm or a full-time person to develop, implement, and track your marketing is usually not an option because of the extra costs involved.

You try to market your products or services on your own, but you never seem to have the time to focus on developing effective marketing strategies. As a result, your marketing is inconsistent and haphazard. And too often your efforts are not rewarded with increasing sales.

Marketing is the key to attracting new customers or clients, increasing repeat business, and getting a steady flow of referrals. Your long-term success and growth will depend heavily on how effective of a marketer you become. 

If you’re like most Small Business owners, you’re probably experiencing these marketing and advertising challenges. My coaching will help you overcome these challenges.

Charge Forward

“Hope is not a marketing plan”

Developing your marketing plan is more than just an exercise in writing down strategies and tactics. The planning process helps you to understand the different factors that may affect your success and develop your plans in detail. Research by the American Small Business Assoc. found  businesses with a written marketing plan did about 24% more in sales than businesses that did not have a plan.

  • Plan
  • Implement
  • Track and Measure

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Areas You Can Get Coaching On

There is no one marketing strategy or tactic that will give you the business growth you desire. It’s smart to keep an open mind when planning your marketing.

Developing Your Marketing Plan

Lead Generation Strategies

Referral Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Mobile Marketing, Text Messaging

Website Development

Email Marketing Programs

Loyalty Marketing

Video Marketing

Creating Promotional Offers

Kevin Toney

The Marketing Coach

“High School Volleyball Coach Shares His Passion for Coaching and Expertise On Marketing To Help Small Business Owners and Sales Professionals Improve Their Marketing And Increase Their Sales”

My Story

Dear fellow business owner or sales professional,

My name is Kevin Toney– The Marketing Coach. I’m sure you want to sell more of your products/services and grow a profitable business. You know you MUST market your business, but you may not have the skills, time, or resources to implement effective affordable marketing activities.

Why Partner With Me?
I’ve been involved in sales, marketing, and business development since 1989. I’ve successfully sold and marketed products to small businesses, and corporate giants. I’ve taught marketing and business development at a vocational school. I developed and taught three marketing courses at a business training school for start-ups. (YM-YWCA Enterprise Centre – 6 years)

In 1995 one of my marketing programs was showcased in Entrepreneur Magazine and received positive reviews. I’m a contributor to Executive Magazine, an online magazine and I’ve achieved expert author status at EzineArticles.com. I’ve conducted five small business marketing seminars for STAPLES. I’ve done training for Investors Group and Freedom 55 Financial.

Early Years
During my university years, I sold products at flea markets, by mail order, at community festivals. I even sold products out of my old 1982 Ford Escort at football games.

After I graduated university I decided to start a “real” business, so I took some business management and entrepreneurial courses. I joined business networking groups and started selling and marketing anything I could to make an honest buck. It was a constant struggle.

The business owners at my networking meetings wanted to make more sales and grow their business too, but very few (including me) had a written marketing strategy to help increase sales. Most of us had very little marketing skills. Others said they had no time and most proclaimed they had no money.

I understand these real challenges that small business owners face. I was feeling the pain too. What I’ve since learned is that all these challenges can be overcome with serious commitment and a plan.

Small businesses desperately need to find ways to attract more qualified prospects, win new customers and increase repeat business. We don’t have the marketing budget of Coke or McDonalds. We can’t run Super Bowl ads featuring Taylor Swift or Kate Upton. So how do we market our businesses in affordable, effective ways that get results?

My Search for Answers
I wanted to find out the answer to this question so I started doing research on marketing and the role it plays in the long-term success of businesses. I found out that the lack of effective marketing was one of the top reasons so many businesses never reach their full potential.


After 20 plus years of intensely studying books by the best marketers in the world; taking many seminars, watching and listening to numerous videos and audios; I’ve developed a DEEP and STRONG PASSION for small business marketing. So now I’m on a mission to share the secrets and insights that I’ve discovered with committed business owners who are hungry for success.

Partner with me to discover many proven, low-cost, affordable strategies to market your business. You’ll get insider tips and ideas on how to best invest your marketing dollars and efforts.

I’m looking to form long-term partnerships with business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals who want to build a business that will last for years. If you want to make your marketing more effective while discovering the FUNDAMENTALS and taking advantage of all the latest marketing strategies and technology you need to contact me.

I’m learning new things every day that I want to share with you to help you build a successful long-term business. One of my goals is never to go to sleep without learning something new about marketing. My coaching will provide you with current, timely and practical marketing advice that will put your business on the path to greater success.

It’s About You
Ok, a question for you. Do you believe your business has reached its full potential? Are you updating your marketing skills and knowledge to cope with the daily marketing environment? Do you have someone to be your sounding board? Are you using the latest technology to help you save money, time and to make your marketing and sales efforts more effective?

Community Involvement?
I believe in giving back to my community, that’s why I’ve been a volunteer high school volleyball coach for over 25 years. I’ve also visited schools to give talks about entrepreneurship and spoken to small business groups like the Woman’s Business Owners Club. For three years I was president of a small business networking group.

If you would like to grow your business by 25% or more without having to spend a lot of money on advertising then call me and ask for Free Marketing Opportunity Analysis (204) 783-6342. Call Now!

We have been using Kevin Toney’s services now for 9 years and he has provided us with a much-welcomed insight on how we could better market ourselves thus producing better results.  His ideas are “fresh” and his approach is always positive and energetic.  I have been very satisfied with Kevin’s quick response to questions and “openness” to “meshing” our ideas with his own to suit our business needs.”



“I know Kevin for over 8 years.  His proactivity, knowledge, and interest in helping people to promote their business, are genuine.  An effective individual, and visionary for my business is the best way to describe his services.  Highly recommend.”    

Paola Rico Garcia

Personal Trainer, Ram Fitness

“Hiring Kevin may be the smartest business decision I have ever made. With his expert marketing skills, he has enabled me to take control of my business at a cost far less than I expected. Kevin is an integral member of my business team.” 

Trevor Doyle

Financial Advisor, Investment Planning Counsel

“Whoever you are, and however smart you think you are, I can assure you Kevin will open up new opportunities for growing your business.”

Peter Brown

Specialist in Radio Jingles , Humanwave Radio

“Kevin provided training for the YMCA-YWCA Business Training Centre for 3 years. He’s an exceptional, dynamic trainer.”

Shannon Fontaine
Director Self-Employment Program(former)


Shannon Fontaine

Director Self-Employment Program (Former), YMCA-YWCA Business Training Centre


What I Can Do For You

You should use my services to help you develop and implement Effective ONLINE and OFFLINE, Targeted Marketing Strategies and Tactics, that will Increase your Sales and Grow your business over time.

Who should use my services?

1. Small business owners proactively looking to increase their sales and grow their profits through effective marketing. Restaurants, Tradesmen, Health and Wellness service providers will all benefit from using my services.

2. Sales professionals who are seriously committed to building and growing their client base. Real Estate Agents and Financial Advisors.

Why should you do business with me?

Results – Your bottom line is making more money. The help you get from me will unlock hidden marketing opportunities to help you grow your profits. You’ll discover how to attract more quality leads that are easier to convert to customers or clients, generate referrals and win more repeat business.

You’ll get access to an unlimited amount of FREE resources and tools to help you improve your skills as a business owner, or sales professional. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call me right now!

There’s no one specific method that will bring you spectacular marketing success However I have many tested, proven, and affordable ideas that when implemented together over time, will increase your sales.

Why do you need to market your business consistently?

Because effective marketing is the ONLY way to significantly increase your sales and grow your business.

  • To attract qualified leads and acquire new business
  • To service current customers or clients, encourage repeat sales
  • To retain your current clients, promote customer loyalty

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