small business marketing assessment

1) My website has a specific strategy to capture the email addresses of my visitors.

2) My website has helpful, informative content that my clients can use to solve their problems.

3) I have a CRM database with all the contact information of my current and past clients and prospects.

4) I have a specific strategy or process to encourage clients to give me referrals.

5) I communicate with my clients and prospects at least once a month.

6) I have an email list and do regular email marketing.

7) I have 1 or more landing pages with specific offers of educational guides, e-books, cheat sheets, videos

8) I use at least 2 or more social media platforms.

9) I include lead generation strategies in my social media marketing.

10) I use videos in my marketing (on website or in social media).

11) I'm currently running paid ads on Goggle or other social media platforms.

12) I have tried text message marketing.

13) I have a loyalty program to get people coming back again and gain.

14 + 6 =